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This is the Eastham Community Bulletin Board. Feel free to discuss any issues you feel are important to you as a member of the Eastham community. You may post job announcements, or start a discussion on a hot issue in town. Our only restriction is that messages with profanity will be deleted.

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Tue Jul 20 03:49:06 1999

north of lookathatstar said... Well, my love, it is Disney, dontcha know!! They have not discovered they'll need both Abel and Lorentz as well as a bunch of others. So do tell about the "disney airports"; and how DID they get there. ergo, our values clarification and infrastructure project...... ah,, hohum

Tue Jul 13 05:19:45 1999

ssccannss of said... Gee, Marge, you threw your CAT away. What about the MI viscosity, eh?? Well, you need to know what you need. BYE!!

Sat Jun 12 06:19:54 1999

Vasja& Daniele of Rome said... Hi we are 2 italian nice young students, we are looking for somewhere possibly cheap to live in. Please contact us to

Wed Jun 2 13:24:19 1999


Sat May 29 08:30:08 1999

Westie of With You said... RARA, YOU HAVE HOT HAMS!!

Wed May 19 13:03:01 1999

Linda of Plymouth said... I have an old electrified church pump organ with a dedication plate Alice Macombe, serive from 1906 to 1908. I am selling the instrument and am looking for family first. e-mail, or call 508-746-9585

Sat Apr 24 00:23:53 1999 of Noreasters said... The data was interesting. HOWEVER, the afterthought was not!! You have hit the world of high tech nuclear medicine. Many people avoid this by: (1) watching contrived scifi films, (2) praying in a church, and/or (3) getting drunk. You may be well advised all or them are highly offensive to us charged with keeping the high tech nuclear medical world (you said X rays, Marie??) on line!! For future reference......

Mon Mar 29 09:19:41 1999

J. Jordan of Storrs, CT said... Family of 5 looking for 3 BR rental for 7/31 to 8/14 in Eastham area for under $ 900/wk

Sat Mar 27 09:34:24 1999

Hallred Burns of Eastwick, Nova Scotia said... The National dataset while important to bring issues to light by its very sampling protocol is biased to the centroid activity functions at the origin sampling space(s). Then again, some people do many other things.......

Thu Mar 4 06:12:22 1999

CAPE COD PERSONALS.COM of Cape Cod said... Online Cape Cod Personal Ads, Dating, Love & Romance...

Mon Mar 1 19:12:54 1999

D. Rothenberg of West Hartford, CT said... Hello. Mild mannered family of 4, 2 young boys, no pets, nonsmoking, very responsible, beach loving, seeking weekly rental for August 21-28th. Flexible about rental rate, would love short walk to bay beach. To respond, please remove "nospam" from the beginning of my email address. Thank you!

Thu Feb 25 12:29:18 1999

Don Palmerino said... Read how Cape Cod Realtors® turn a six month listing contract to sell property into a life long obligation for the seller. One tactic and story they do NOT want you to know about. See

Thu Oct 8 07:52:08 1998

grace wohlsen of West Hartford, CT said... Would like to buy summer cabin-type cottage.

Mon Sep 21 03:59:57 1998

rambuji julsair of eastwick, nc said... Hey, Kathy Schrock: ...0123456789..... ..abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz..

Thu Sep 17 04:10:39 1998

Paul Horse of Lebanon, NH said... I have calcified ankles. Thus I do not dance. I do lift dumbbells - - is that all right??

Sun Aug 23 20:11:07 1998

Heinrich Wassermann of Munich, Germany said... Von deiner Osterlander am Linz, du esst dein Kornbrot und dein Bratwurst!! Nichts gut und nichts fur mir!!

Sun Aug 23 20:05:46 1998

Freddy Burns of Oak Ridge, TN said... Christmas and poems; fly over the hill. Red faced and taled you drop to the seas. Goodness me!!

Sun Aug 23 00:25:13 1998

albert edison of batavia, IL said... The Cape Hatteras Light is two inches too tall!! Oh, really!!

Fri Jul 24 12:19:23 1998

Maryann of Paducah, KY said... Where are the Simpsons?

Fri Jul 10 12:05:58 1998

Rose Horton of Bethesda, MD said... Does anyone know the difference between TUMS and ROLAIDS?? Thank you for the help!!

Sat Jun 27 06:01:40 1998

muffin of Manhattan, NY said... EXSCUUSEE MOI, Kwispee Kweame!!

Sat Jun 27 05:59:47 1998

muffin of Manhattan, NY said... Late words on the donut imbroglio; I was really rather impressed with the Howard Johnson's approach to food delivery. Kwispee Kweeme anyone??

Thu Jun 11 06:57:05 1998

Robin Shore of Cambridge, MA said... Hi, We are coming to Truro for a vacation this summer and am looking for a pet sitter. Anyone know a good one? I appreciate the help. Thanks. Robin Shore

Sun Apr 5 07:16:59 1998

Nancy of Eastham said... Why are my postings coming up so many times? I only sent them once each....

Sat Apr 4 19:14:26 1998

Nancy & Bill of Eastham said... For Sale - 1972 Winnebago Bravo 19'- 4x4 - 318 Dodge engine - Beach Ready - can sleep 6. $5000.00. 240 - 0442 - Let phone ring or look for us online NeeNeeB (I will have Bill get back to you) or Canman2975 or e-mail.

Sat Apr 4 19:13:41 1998

Nancy & Bill of Eastham said... For Sale - 1972 Winnebago Bravo 19'- 4x4 - 318 Dodge engine - Beach Ready - can sleep 6. $5000.00. 240 - 0442 - Let phone ring or look for us online NeeNeeB (I will have Bill get back to you) or Canman2975 or e-mail.

Sat Apr 4 19:13:07 1998

Nancy & Bill of Eastham said... For Sale - 1972 Winnebago Bravo 19'- 4x4 - 318 Dodge engine - Beach Ready - can sleep 6. $5000.00. 240 - 0442 - Let phone ring or look for us online NeeNeeB (I will have Bill get back to you) or Canman2975 or e-mail.

Thu Apr 2 12:02:34 1998

Nancy of Eastham said... If anyone is interested, there is a playgroup at the Eastham library on Wednesday mornings from 10:30 am - noon. It is very informal we just get together and chat while the kids play.

Thu Apr 2 12:00:01 1998

Nancy of Eastham said... If anyone is interested, there is a playgroup at the Eastham library on Wednesday mornings from 10:30 am - noon. It is very informal we just get together and chat while the kids play.

Thu Mar 12 14:28:30 1998

Leslie of Ptown said... HUGE YARD SALE on Saturday March 21 Opens at 9:30 AM - Moving In Sale!! Lots of furniture, antiques, garden tools, metal detector, Objects D'art, Waher & Dryer, windsurfer, Scuba gear, wetsuit, Something for everyone!! 592A Commercial St. in Ptown adjacent to the DNA Gallery (on Bradford st) The Washer and Dryer, windsurfer, are located in East Dennis right now. If you have any interest in them, please call ahead at 617-722-9708 or email

Thu Jan 29 09:32:46 1998

Paul said... I am a non resident taxpayer. How come I couldn't vote on the Cape Cod Land Bank? What was the outcome of the vote? Did the entire Cape have to approve it/disapprove it, or could it be passed by individual towns. please let me know at the above address on AOL.

Sat Jan 17 23:29:11 1998

Nauset Players of Eastham said... We are presenting our production of Shakespeare's romantic tragedy, Romeo & Juliet, set in Chicago in the 1920s on Thursday, January 22, Friday, January 23, Friday, January 30 and Saturday, January 31. All shows are at 7:30pm and ticket prices are $6.00 for adults, $4.00 for students and senior citizens. COME SEE!!!

Sat Jan 17 11:55:50 1998

Adam of Allston said... My fiance and I are looking for a place to rent for a wedding party in Septmeber (~120 guests). Preferably on, or within sight of the beach. No resorts or country clubs, please.

Wed Nov 5 13:59:56 1997

Teen help of Eastham said... counseling for teens and families conatact for further information

Mon Oct 27 19:06:03 1997

Karen of Belmont said... We're looking for a place on the Cape (preferably on the water) to rent for a wedding reception in May 1998. Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks!

Tue Aug 5 10:49:51 1997

Bill of Sarasota, FL said... We will be visiting Eastham for two weeks in August, with a rental car. How do I find out about getting visitor beach and dump stickers? Actually, I am an Eastham homeowner who has moved to Florida, where I now vote. Do I have any priveledges for beach and dump, since I still own and pay taxes in Eastham? What documentation do I need? Who should I talk to?

Sat Jun 28 08:21:31 1997

Sigitas of KAUNAS, Lithuania said... This summer I'll going to visit girlfried in Chatham.By the way will be great earn somme money(5-7USD/h). I am 35/m engineer from Lithuania. Electric instal., house hold, car problems, electronics (radio, audio, satellite) maintening, installing. No smoking, no drinks. You do not be deceived- I am gold hand master! Your save money guaranteed. Resume by request. Sigitas. Kaunas, Lithuania, tel.:37097-43934 email: All propositions wellcome.

Tue Jun 10 21:19:50 1997

Tim of Millersburg said... I will be movng to the north Cape area within the month. Is there anyone who can give me some advice or a lead on a reasonable (non seasonal rates for year around occupancy) rental property. I have very good references. Thank you

Sat May 31 09:24:15 1997

l.landsberg of eastham said... lovely antique multi-purpose home for sale, by the eastham windmill, come look a bargain, in mint condition

Fri Mar 14 14:19:19 1997

Mark Bonczek of Auburn said... I am looking for any family that might need a house nanny for the summer. If there is anyone that may need this service please contact me. Thank you.

Sun Feb 16 18:30:45 1997

Toby of South Bend said... Eastham needs to stay old school. I think that the opening of the dunkin'donuts is absurd, hole in one rules!

Sat Feb 15 04:28:05 1997

M. Masi of Yarmouth Port said... Will drive for you. Professonal returning from Miami area in April. 30 yrs. exp. Perfect driving record. email:

Sat Feb 8 11:55:03 1997

Laurie of Davenport said... We are moving to your area soon and are looking for a three bedroom house or apt. Would like one that is not real expensive and would really like to keep the dog and cat that we have. If any readers can help us we would appreciate it.

Tue Aug 13 12:06:03 1996

Jennifer of soon to be Eastham! said... I will be moving to Eastham in the near future and would like to know about any good landscaping companies in the area. Does anyone have any recommendations or information? Thank you!

Fri Jul 26 11:14:45 1996

Linda Landsberg of Eastham said... Eastham, or any other town is not more commercial because a chain business comes to town. We are already commercial with other businesses. Why does Dunkin Doughnuts make us commercial while the Hole in One does not, We have all kinds of commercial businesses here, and while we are at it, I don't enjoy eating at the Hole in One because they refuse to consider banning smoking in that little confined area, so to me is more important than the name of the store. We are entitled to a little choice here once in a while without driving to Hyannis.

Wed Jul 3 19:37:08 1996

Bev Kimball of Eastham said... Hole In One Doughnuts of Eastham and Orleans are both terrific. Boycott Dunkin Donuts. Support local small business and top quality!

Sun Apr 14 14:33:05 1996

Hans of New Jersey said... Please,please,please ! Do not make Eastham a commercial area. Let us keep Eastham very low key and natural. Let us all work toward keeping it elegant and sophisticated without bringing commercialism to a perfect vacation spot. I believe that "natur" is the was to go. No Dunkin D., Mac D., Wendy's etc. Yes to small places like the Doughnut Shope, Arturo's etc. Are we not all running away from Pizza Hut ? Are we not all looking for a change, for some old time area. Why then Dunkin D. ?

Tue Apr 9 18:12:30 1996

Mary of leicester, Ma said... I think it's great that Eastham is finally opening a Dunkin Donuts, but every time we go there it's not opened yet. Could you please tell us when it will be opened. or has it already?