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Sun Jul 4 16:52:34 1999

To: Alan Siegel of Bierlund said... Alan Siegel, get this clear. (1) I am not interested in your project to develop a chain of cheapo or any barrooms for whatever reason. (2) I am not interested in sitting around with a bunch of drunks, drug addicts, or other inebriated people. (3) I have no interest in sitting around with a bunch of recovering:recovered:rehab drunks or drug addicts while they talk on and on about all their experiences while drunk or drugged. (4) I have no interest at all in any aspect of substance abuse or developing service venues such as bars and sports arenas where one of if not the primary reason for being is the sales of booze or other abusable substances. ERGO: you are welcome to the field. You are welcomed to referrals for such need. DONT SEND or REFER YOUR PATIENTS HERE!!! (CFCTE, Inc.)

Sun May 30 00:43:07 1999

Hey, you asked..... of everywhere said... Hey, Jack. So I see you still rely on Canterbury.. easy question and simple answer. (1) a=1/2*g*t**2 {for F=ma, classical mechanics} (2) a phantom limb, and (3) correct internal and external persona engagement. So you say it was a shaving accident?? Personally, I vote for Lorentz but only for other stuff and usual uses. And so thus you get to go and duplicate all my stuff, too. (Hehe, ten years of ...ono, what???) OR [.............] 2134!!

Wed May 19 13:09:26 1999

Linda of Plymouth said... I have an old electrified church pump organ with a dedication plate Alice Macombe, service from 1906 to 1908. I am selling the instrument and am looking for family first. e-mail, or call 508-746-9585

Fri May 7 08:34:08 1999

Gertrude Tochter of ganz, osterreich said... Has Suzanne figured out exactly how to turn on the electron microscpoe yet? She and Smitty were all when I last checked on them. Somehow the information here is filtered to, uh, well,,,,,, Not to be over critical, but the village (______) ...nevermind. UGH!!

Sat Mar 27 12:22:14 1999

Doug Matthews of Providence RI said... Looking to rent a room in the Falmouth/Mashpee area; maybe further out. Depending on conditions and privlages (kitchen, bath, etc.) will pay up to $100/week just for a room. Non-smoker, unobtrusive, Marine Biological Laboratory employee. Can provide references. If you have a small apartment, I'd like to hear about that too. Call (401) 331-3327 ask for Doug or leave a message.

Sat Mar 27 09:27:34 1999

Barbra Tytts of Urbana, Ill. said... You said you saw a tiny and little lump. Is it better yet?? Thank you for all your time and work for no pay, too!! Glad to be alive!!!!!!

Thu Mar 4 06:32:36 1999

CAPE COD PERSONALS.COM of CAPE COD said... Online Cape Cod Personal Ads, Dating, Love & Romance...

Thu Feb 11 12:22:01 1999

Will Evans of Elmira, New York said... ATTENTION, ATTENTION, ATTENTION. Hello, I'm looking for summer employment from Mid May to Mid September. I just recently returned home from the Navy, and will be attending UMASS in the Fall. No job to big, no job to small. I guaruntee my past work experience and training will be valuable to you. I can do anything. Past Jobs include being a Boat Driver, Rigger/Outfitter, Mechanic, Crew Member, Office Supervisor/Assistant, Waiter, Bartender, Valet, Security, Nanny, and Babysitter. I enjoy a chalange or taking it easy. Do you need help with your boat, I'm willing to travel. Want someone to take care of your children and be a positive role model, I'm your man. I have great references, and a complete resume available upon request. I am hard working reliable, and dependable. I also have my own transportation. Would be interested in housing, although my family has a summer home in S.Yarmouth on Bass River. What are you waiting for. You can contact me at or by calling me at 1.607.733.5158. You will be amazed, at what I can do and willing to do. Put me to work for you. Thanks.

Tue Jan 19 13:00:24 1999

CINDY of montreal said... I'm visiting Cape Cod this weekend, wondering if anyone can tell me some nice places to visist..any suggestions..

Wed Nov 11 10:49:41 1998

Ists said... Mothers and others work from home. $500-$5000 a month,p/t or f/t. Training provided.For details check our website at :

Thu Oct 8 07:07:34 1998

M. Thurston of East Falmouth said... Hatchville/New Alchemy area of E. Falmouth...This is a call to be on the watch for a small (10lb) brown female terrier which is missing - she was tagged (tags may be lost)- she will be hungry and scared....If sighted or found PLEASE CALL 564-5046 or Falmouth Animal Control (457-2552)

Wed Oct 7 23:27:06 1998

Nancy Crowfoot of Cumberland, MO said... Cape Hatteras to Block Island, Cape Hatteras to Block Island. This is TWA 800 traveling some direcion. My sign is Capricon, my sign is Capricon. Calling Cancer the Fish, Cancer the Fish. There is a lump on the wing, a lump on the wing!! Call Aries Iona, Aries Iona. This is some mess for a Pices. Cape Hatteras to Block Island, help, help, help!!!

Sat Oct 3 20:34:02 1998

Dale Heartnet of Murray, SD said... You have the wrong person. I do basketball and scifi. I dont know a thing about John Radcliffe Marshall. I dont know the board. I dont know R. Parker. Prince Phillip is a fag!!

Tue Sep 29 00:25:33 1998

Friedrich Beaudean of Linz, Wiener, Germany said... To: Donald Russo Clayston.......All you ever invested in was a chain of cheapo restaurants and football players. Why do you think at this late date and with that history that I would even listen to you?? There are the weather satellites and word processors, that should be enough!! Next. (Beam him up........whoops..)

Thu Sep 24 04:12:37 1998

Robert Vegalus of Downtown, WI said... Hey, I don't gamble. I don't drink booze. I don't listen to cheapo popular entertainment. I don't visit ..ores. Got the wrong man, buddy!!

Wed Sep 23 19:40:46 1998

Susie Canton of Sonew, MT said... You have chocolate ice cream and chocolate sauce. But it is from MacDonald's!! Goodness me.......where is Heidi, where is Carl Friedrich, where is Johann?? The High School meets........

Thu Sep 17 03:32:45 1998

Charles Chump of Harraseeket, NM said... It is MOUNT Wilson not sports. It is the telepscope not wood floors. Lloyd is depressed!! Fix it stupid!!

Thu Sep 17 03:29:49 1998

Dominic Flourman of Beadtown, ND said... You will need to cook the liver. And don't forget to test the fish!! But you didn't order the microwave oven parts!! Whoever wrote you the last message isn't really sufficient for this. Clark Kent to the rescue - - but then what happened to Wheeler. This is not a truck stop; this is the Met!! O MY!! It is PCB, yes, PCB PolyChlorideBiphenyl; what a mess!! ABCDEFGHI........

Mon Sep 14 20:00:33 1998

Pat of Houston said... New Englander lost in Texas! A public relations/marketing/ fund raising pro seeking to relocate back East. The Cape is first choice but will go anywhere in NE near the ocean. Experience in broadcast/print media, arts, education, social services, health care, insurance, telecommunications industries. Plenty of ability and a great sense of humor. Looking for leads. Got any? Thanks a bunch.

Mon Sep 14 13:18:34 1998

White Bread of Fredricton, NS said... Kisses and hugs to WeeMouse!!!

Fri Sep 11 02:16:35 1998

Miami Belford of Lvov, Poland said... Why are they singing the pinwheel march in the sandbox?? Clap, clap, clap.

Thu Sep 10 04:48:38 1998

Ram Suddukker of Del Rio, TX said... Does anyone recall the name of those huge and unusual line implacements located somewhere on the plain at mid So. America?? Por Favor??

Sat Aug 15 04:25:06 1998

Sophie Stringer of Thomasville, MI said... MUSEUM CLUB MEETING ALL EVENING!!

Tue Aug 4 10:01:28 1998

Matt Stapleton of Billerica, MA said... HELP WANTED: I have some positions available in the Falmouth area. I am looking for anyone 18 or older who would like to get their foot in the door of a major telecommunications company. No experience is needed, we will train, $10 hr.

Sat Jul 4 04:21:07 1998

Eleanor Rose Quinces of Appletree, MA said... Well, is there a fire somewhere or is the sky falling? Courtis seems to be abusing his wife again!! Long may the crew at 409th and Third hold forth!! And get those fires extinguished!!!!

Thu Jul 2 03:18:16 1998

Irene Burton of Big Sur, CA said... Looking at the bay as the tide goes out and expecting the air planes to buzz the rocks, well, all that we see are the little league bat boys with their mitts and laced balls. Will's beach and Sarah saying no the the frankforts with spicy mustard after the last cool spring days are gone. A gorgeous gaffed yawl sails by with luck not hitting a wayward barge. We head eastward to the tavern and restaurant much as lazarus rises from below following a speedy goodbye to the bay and water vessels. Olga says she is not sure what the chances are that our video of the day will have a clear picture or not but that the memory will surely give the boats and water colors and lyrically portrayed sounds that pique our thoughts and feelings. Chandler will ring out over the party like a noisy snowblower or whizzing lawnmower to call us to the little seafood shack. Boiled lobsters and steamed clams with buttered hot corn on the cob and even seaweedy potatoes hot from the rocky crocks are laid out on waxed papered tables. Thomas says he is not sure exactly when or how often his travels will send him to our saintly company but that as time follows time logic says we will be together again. And as we pass the dale on the way to eat we smile and think of people who've joined us here before for our reunion banquets. And as tomorrow's weather pouring from the noaa radio reporting elevates our thoughts to what will be for the next day by the water and rocky shore, we will have our dessert of chocolate mousse and peppermint syrup sauce with whipped cream and sugared sprinkles finally to philbert cafe con leche or latte completing the repast. We may think of how we may measure every step back to the bridges as the circular traffic rotary crossroads points us homeward. The distance may not be far as the crow flies but foot by foot it will be a slow passage. Another wonderful cape event will be our recollection.

Sat Jun 13 08:06:12 1998

Katie O'Brien of Rochester Hills MI said... Hi! I love the Cape area, but I live in Michigan. I have always wanted to spend a summer waitressing out in the Cape. If you have or know of any oppurtunities for two energetic, charismatic, responsible girls in the summer of 1999, it would be GREATLY appreciated! It also wouldn't hurt if you had some info on low rent apartments! Thanks so much! I look forward to hearing from you. P.S. We are both Michigan State University Sophomores, and majoring in Nutritional Sciences with three years of waitressing experience.

Tue Jun 9 13:37:15 1998

Andrea of Baltimore, MD said... We're looking for an additional party of 1-3 persons to join us July 28th for a charter fishing trip. The adventure starts at 7am and ends noon time--everything is included except your food and drink. We're a party of three only and the boat can take out up to 6. We thought if we could find some other interested people we could lower the cost. The total for the 5-hour charter is $340, so we thought maybe $40 or $50 each to join in.

Mon Jan 26 19:56:53 1998

json of evansville in said... i am moving to the cape in the middle of feb to do some work in the theatres there. am in the process of looking for an apartment

Wed Oct 8 11:11:03 1997

Alan Barter of Watertown said... Me and my Fiancee (both professionals) want to live in Falmouth but have had a rough time locating decent job opportunities. Anyone have any ideas?

Mon Sep 8 10:52:05 1997

Stephanie of N. Falmouth said... Small hi-tech computer company looking for a Software Engineer in the N. Falmouth area (or willing to commute in). Contact for more information. No phone calls please.

Mon Aug 18 15:44:06 1997

Jean Jacobsen of Ashland, MA said... I have friends from New York who would like to use their beach buggy and go fishing on the cape. Who do I call to find out about this for him.

Fri Aug 1 22:43:53 1997

Andrea Davis said... We're heading up to Falmouth in a few weeks & just looking for suggestions on things to do if the sun refuses to shine. Any ideas for indoor activities?

Tue Jul 1 20:14:24 1997

Cristina Bascunan of Burlington, ma said... I am looking for a year-round apartment or house rental that is not too too expensive. That, or if anyone has an apt. or house to share. Preferably Falmouth area. It would have to be available by the end of July.

Sat Jun 14 15:31:25 1997

Linda Graf of Coeur d'Alene, ID said... I am looking for a cottage or house to rent for the week of July 12. I have a conference to attend in Falmouth and there are no rooms available at the conference site.

Sat Jun 14 15:30:55 1997

Linda Grag of Coeur d'Alene, ID said... I am looking for a cottage or house to rent for the week of July 12. I have a conference to attend in Falmouth and there are no rooms available at the conference site.

Tue Apr 8 11:07:59 1997

john of East Harwich said... Just wanted to know something about a business called Gosnaul treatment center. What is it?

Fri Apr 4 19:37:20 1997

Ben Langille said... Several of my friends and I are sophomores at Colby College and looking for any kind of summer employment and housing. We're interested in working anywhere from restaurants to hotels to landscaping companies. We'd love to hear from you.

Sat Mar 22 17:36:05 1997

Elena De La Ville of Oak Bluffs, Martha's Vineyard said... I'm looking for a used sunfish or other small sailboat. I'm learning how to sail. Please e-mail me if you have or know of anyone wanting to sell and or donate one in your area. Thanks!

Mon Mar 17 02:05:43 1997

Tim Ransom of Olympia, WA said... Looking for a 3-4 bedroom cottage/house/condo to rent for the last two weeks of August this year. Hoping for the $1,000-1200 range, walking distance to the beach, Falmouth, Woods Hole, Quissett. References. Respond to:

Fri Mar 14 14:00:09 1997

Mark Bonczek of Auburn MA said... I think this service is really good. I have a question, I was looking for anyone on Cape Cod that may need a house nanny. I have heard that there are people that need them. If you can give me any assistance on who might need this service please email me. If do not know anyone do you have any infomation on how I could find out the info I need. Thank you, Mark J. Bonczek

Tue Mar 4 14:29:38 1997

Marie Nichols of New York City said... Hey! Are there any Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses out there? We'd sure love hearing from you if you're out there. Thanks!

Mon Feb 24 20:46:26 1997

Corey Keesling of Buffalo, Okla. said... Hi. I am in San francisco until march 28. I am a 21 year old male. I will be moving to the Cape cod area the middle of april and am seeking interesting people to meet with and become friends with. If you are interested in talking or meeting once I arrive, please contact me at 707-763-4339. This line will be open till the end of march.

Sun Feb 23 17:27:23 1997

Sarah J McNeil of Rochester, NY said... Hi!! I am a college sophomore looking for an opportunity for housing and employment this summer on the Cape. My friend, Elisabeth, and I are hoping to find a room to rent for a resonable amount. We both are trustworty and responsible and both can supply letters of reccommendation. Please contact me if you can help!! My e mail address is

Mon Feb 17 19:42:40 1997

Lynne Fitzpatrick of Greenbelt, MD said... Hello! Am interested to know if a summer theater still exists in Falmouth at the Highfield Estate. I performed a flutist with the Oberlin College Gilbert and Sullivan Players back in the 60's on this estate. What a great experience, living in the old weathered estate house Which I'm sure is gone by now, practicing and performing l9th century musicals every day and evening, watching whales out of from the "widows walk", sitting by the Wood's Hole lighthouse as it roared out its deafening tone (a very frightening and foolish experience for our finely tuned ears, feeling the fog descent upon us, and eating lobsters at $l.50 wed. night specials in town. Great memories!!!

Sat Feb 15 04:30:37 1997

M. Masi of Yarmouth Port said... Will drive for you. Professional returning from Miami area in April. 30 yrs. exp. Perfect driving record. email: