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This is the Mashpee Community Bulletin Board. Feel free to discuss any issues you feel are important to you as a member of the Mashpee community. You may post job announcements, or start a discussion on a hot issue in town. Our only restriction is that messages with profanity will be deleted.

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Tue Jun 8 08:10:28 1999

Cece Weaver of Cotuit said... Hey, Mashpeans! Come to my YARD SALE, Saturday, June 12, 1999, 9 A.M. - 3 P.M. Furniture, jewelry, glassware, clothing, etc.. Corner of Santuit and Oxford Dr., Cotuit, just over the Mashpee line in the King's Grant Estates neighborhood.

Thu Mar 4 05:34:42 1999

CAPE COD PERSONALS.COM of Cape Cod said... Online Cape Cod Personal Ads, dating, love and romance...

Thu Feb 25 12:35:37 1999

Don Palmerino said... Read how Cape Cod Realtors® turn a six month listing contract to sell property into a life long obligation for the seller. One tactic and story they do NOT want you to know about. See

Mon Dec 28 11:03:58 1998

Pat Dyer of Mashpee/Worcester said... Love to view the happenings at the Cape and frequent this site...It's about time someone cleaned it up...Do you need help? Just ask....this could be usefulllllll, if cleaned

Thu Sep 24 08:22:38 1998

Mary of Woburn, MA said... I am looking to see if anyone knows about a builder (David Doyle)? I would like to see one of his homes. Thank you.

Thu Sep 17 04:16:43 1998

Steve Hanna of Barbara, NM said... I don't even know how to spell caclulus!! Get somebody else!! All I wanted was my cheap barroom. Igor does the airplanes, not me!!

Sat Aug 29 16:25:51 1998

Cece Weaver of Cotuit said... Outdoor antique and collectibles, Sunday, 8/30/98, 9 A.M. to 4 P.M. at the Merry Meadow plaza complex, sponsored by Antique Nook and Ellie's Attic, Corner of Rte. 28 an Cape Drive. (Just past Botello's in Mashpee) Stop by and see neat stuff!

Fri Aug 28 18:44:10 1998

Arjuna Pondich of Egerville, ID said... Wheeze, hack, scratch. o dear me..............

Sat Aug 22 07:47:47 1998

helene rolando of geneva, pa said... All I asked for was a few extra boxes of Rice Krispies; really, some people!!

Sat Aug 22 07:45:34 1998

charel croatch of washington, MD said... Where is the missing cf film for my L32 scobnot pb kinderkleine??

Sat Aug 15 04:37:39 1998

Eunice Cruw of Indian Point, WY said... To the person who requested the toxemia ordered epsom and herbed salts. You need a urologist!!

Sat Aug 15 04:37:38 1998

Eunice Cruw of Indian Point, WY said... To the person who requested the toxemia ordered epsom and herbed salts. You need a urologist!!

Sat Jul 4 00:01:32 1998

Bob Ticks of Old Lyme, CT said... Hey, Maynard, did you forget that Jane wanted to know about the new chimp?? And what was said?? Maybe Foxboro forgot the new books, eh? Poor old John and Freda will sit alone forever, what neglect!! You could always say you ran a spike through your head. But then the kiddies would be afraid, oh NO, oh,, my, my!! Perhaps, the famous Robby cuff will drop your pressure. Higgens to the rescue!!

Wed Jul 1 18:02:46 1998

poplevelle of hard time, RI said... It is true that even the most vigorously designed, planned, and directed road design may be totally fouled by poor workship. And whether you have a bicycle, motorbike, auto, van, or truck, a bad corner will let you fall off the edge. Oh dear me!! As I will say, if tisnt smooth nuff, float over the road isnt that sompthang

Sun Jun 7 17:29:58 1998

Dan of leicester said... Great web site!! my fiance has a house in Chatham and i am down the cape allot. I am looking for a job as a police officer and was wondering if you could send me info on job openings in mashpee and around the cape. I currently work as a patrol officer with the Becker College campus Police and dispatch for Leicester Police part time. I also have my Associates in C.J. I understand the cape hires allot for summer work however i'm probably to late now. (Or am I?) I would greatly appreciate more information. Talk to you soon!!

Tue Mar 31 11:38:34 1998

Jennifer of Mashpee said... I am looking for childcare for an infant. Interested in a home daycare or someone to come to my home.(own child okay) If you can reccomend anyone, or are a childcare provider...please email. Thank you

Tue Mar 24 17:57:20 1998

Dennis C. Hansford of Mashpee said... The Cape Cod Neighborhood Support Coalition is sponsoring a fund raiser at the Mashpee High School Auditorium. The jazz vocalist group "Women Of The Village" will perform on Saturday, April 4, 1998 at 7:00 PM. Tickets are $10.00 in advance; $12.50 at the door. For more info call Jamilah Clark at (508)539-7211

Thu Mar 12 14:15:58 1998

Leslie of Ptown said... HUGE YARD SALE on Saturday March 21 Opens at 9:30 AM - Moving In Sale!! Lots of furniture, antiques, garden tools, metal detector, Objects D'art, Waher & Dryer, windsurfer, Scuba gear, wetsuit, Something for everyone!! 592A Commercial St. adjacent to the DNA Gallery (on Bradford st) The Washer and Dryer, windsurfer, are located in East Dennis right now. If you have any interest in them, please call ahead at 617-722-9708 or email

Sun Oct 12 15:25:48 1997

Dr. S. Burke of Glendale, Arizona said... When are you going to update the information about your hometown on that is available. Everything seems to be for last spring or early summer.

Sun Jul 13 19:16:04 1997

Matt H. of Milton, MA said... Are there any stables that offer horseback riding excursions near the Mashpee area.

Sat Jun 28 09:31:50 1997

Sigitas of Kaunas_Lithuania said... This summer I'll going to visit girlfriend in Chatham. By the way will be great earn somme money(5-7USD/h). I am 35/m engineer from Lithuania. Electric instal., house hold, car problems, electronics (radio, audio, satellite) maintening, installing. No smoking, no drinks. You do not be deceived- I am gold hand master! Your save money guaranteed. Resume by request. Sigitas. Kaunas, Lithuania, tel.:37097-43934 email: All propositions wellcome.

Sat May 10 17:11:58 1997

Myra of Planning Dept. said... A public meeting on the draft Transportation and Heritage Preservation/Community Character elements of Mashpee's Comprehensive Plan will be held on Wednesday, May 21 at 6:45 at Town Hall. Copies are available at the library or Town Hall. Your comments are needed!!

Wed May 7 09:10:30 1997

Mark Peterson of Mashpee said... Big moving sale at 204 Wheeler Rd. Mashpee (adjacent to Barstable Fairgrounds, Ashumet Pond) Saturday, 10 May 97, huge variety

Sat May 3 23:44:02 1997

Dennis Johnson of San Diego said... I would like to find out where I could locate Weight Training Gyms in the Cotuit area. Is there more than world Gym in Mashpee

Tue Mar 4 14:37:14 1997

Marie Nichols of New York City said... Hey! Are there any Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses out there? We'd sure love hearing from you if you're out there. Thanks!

Sat Feb 15 04:34:15 1997

M. Masi of Yarmouth Port said... Will drive for you. Professional returning from Miami area in April. 30 yrs exp. Perfect driving record. email:

Sun Jul 28 11:46:43 1996

'liz. of w. barnstable said... Hope everyone has had a great time at the FAIR and the POPS!

Thu Jul 25 11:51:57 1996

Mashpee Leisure Services of Mashpee said... Upcoming Events sponsored by Leisure Services: 5K Woodland Race - Saturday, July 27 9am start Contact 539-1446 for more info PawSox Tickets available for Sunday, July 28 - $5.50 each vs. Syracuse WhaleWatch Thursday, August 1 $23/person WaterCountry!!! Tickets available - $15/person-You drive Nature Walk - August 4 Popple Bottom in Barnstable Town-wide SandCastle Competition - August 10 - South Cape Beach (Town) Town-wide Golf Tournament @ Quashnet Valley - August 16 Revolution Soccer at Foxboro; August 17 $10/person White Water Rafting Trip - August 29 Openings still available for: ADVENTURE CAMP for 10 - 14 year olds HORSEBACK RIDING LESSONS - 6yrs & up NORTH AMERICAN SOCCER CAMP - August 19 - ages 5 & up TINY TENNIS - weeks of August 5 & August 19 (K-3) YOUTH & ADULT GOLF LESSONS ALSO AVAILABLE KID'S NIT OUT - Every Tuesday @ the Recreation Building from 5:00 - 8:00pm. $6/child. Please call by 3:30 to reserve space. HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL - WED/FRI/SUNDAY NITES - REC. PARK!!

Fri Jul 19 18:55:20 1996

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Fri Jul 19 18:55:19 1996

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Wed Jul 10 14:42:15 1996

G&S Designs of Mashpee said... We also do billing and collection services now We do billing services for 10.00 per hour rate collection services are on a percentage rate.

Thu Jul 4 18:55:15 1996

G&S Designs of mashpee said... I do web pages of all kinds amoung alot of other computer services for people in the area my rates are reasonable