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Cape & Islands Authors: Robert F. Pease

O.U.I. (Operating Under The Influence) Calvin Plimpton, President of Amherst College 1960-1971, bought a copy and only days later went to the trouble of finding his way to the author's door to tell him how important he thinks this novel is.
Dead Ahead - "I enjoyed this book as much as any suspense story I have ever read." - Kathleen Fulton, Librarian.
Invisible Bounds - "A fresh and appealing buoyancy...each of these 25 short stories demands your attention at once...lively dialogue...Pease is a first-rate story teller." - J. Randall Williams, former Director and Senior Vice President at Little, Brown.
When Blossoms Opened In The Sun - Just over 100 poems. "Wonderful, simple marvelous." - Ellie Brown, co-owner of Brown and Clark Booksellers.
Children Only - "Unconventional. Original. My husband and I have as much fun with these as do our children." - Sally Denton, Teacher.
Gayle - "Riveting. Pease uses words as an artist uses paint." - Kathy Udall ~ "Gayle really is a love story. The Bridges of Madison County pales by comparison." - Mirande Holl.
Liliana - "Absolutely convincing." - Arturo Vivante wrote this after reading passages from the manuscript.
Boston South End 1965 - 1970 - "An essential part of Boston's history." - Aina Cutler. This one is going to cause a ruckus in Boston. It names names and singles out some deplorable practices prevalent during the urban renewal of those years. Also included are many "verbal snapshots" of denizens of the South End at the time.
Cape Cod - This is the fourth volume (after the three just listed) of a major work titled Voyages - "Creative Non-fiction," in the words of Lee Gutkind.
Never Let Go - "Another page-turner." PI, Jeeter, is called to Cape Cod settle some fearful shenanigans.

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Robert F. Pease
13 Louisburg Square
Centerville, MA 02632
(508) 790-1351

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5408 copies of the above have been sold as of 4-20-96. One of the short stories, The Urn, was aired on National Public Radio. Many readers of O.U.I. (fiction, not a case history and not personal) have said, "You couldn't have written it if it didn't happen to you." It didn't.

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