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An A-Z of Sailing Terms (Oxford Paperback Reference); Ian Dear, Peter Kemp
Advanced Sailing; Tony Gibbs
Advanced Wind Surfing (Adventure Sports); Farrel O'Shea, John Conway
The American Sailing Association's Let's Go Windsurfing; Algis Steponaitis, Ron Carboni
American Sailing Ships Coloring Book; Peter F. Copeland
Around the World Rally; Jimmy Cornell
Around the World Single-Handed : The Cruise of the 'Islander'; Harry Pidgeon
The Art of Coarse Sailing; Michael Green
Baby-Sitters Island Adventures (Super Special, No 4); Ann M. Martin
Basic Sailing; M. B. George
Before the Wind : True Stories About Sailing; David Gowdey
Boat Naming Made Simple; Susan D. Artof
Boat Ropes : A Guide to the Use of Rope and Lines on Sailing Cruises; Bill Finnis
The Boat Who Wouldn't Float; Farley Mowat
The Boating Bible : An Essential Handbook for Every Sailor; Jim Murrant
Boating for Less : A Comprehensive Guide to Buying, Owning, and Selling Your Power or Sail Boat; Steve Henkel
Boatman's Handbook : The New Look-It-Up Book; Tom Bottomley
Born to Sail : On Other People's Boats; Jennifer P. Stuart
Chapman's Nautical Guides : Boating Etiquette; Queene Hooper Foster
Chapman's Nautical Guides : Knots; Brion Toss, Gae Pilon
The Complete Sailor : Learning the Art of Sailing; David Seidman, Kelly Mulford
The Craft of Sail/a Primer of Sailing : A Primer of Sailing; Jan Adkins
Cruising Fundamentals; Harry Munns, et al
Cruising in Seraffyn; Lin Pardey, Larry Pardey
Cruising Is a Breeze; J.E. Santomenna
Cruising With Children; Gwenda Cornell
Cunliffe on Cruising (Tips from the Top); Tom Cunliffe
Dinghy Sailing : The Skills of the Game; Rob Andrews
Dockmanship (Cornell Boaters Library); David Owen Bell
Donald McKay and His Famous Sailing Ships; Richard C. McKay
The Finely Fitted Yacht : Volumes I and II; Ferenc Mate, Candace Mate
Florida Under Sail : A Guide to Cruises, Beaches, Islands & More; Janet Groene, Gordon Groene
Fodor's 95 : The U.S. & British Virgin Islands/the Complete Guide With the Best Lodging, Beaches, Sailing and Diving; Jillian L. Magalaner
Fodor's 96 : The U.S. & British Virgin Islands/the Complete Guide With the Best Beaches, Sailing, Snorkeling and Shopping (Gold Guides); Hannah Borgeson
Frugal Yachting : Family Adventuring in Small Sailboats; Larry Brown
Gently With the Tides : The Best of Living Aboard; Michael L. Frankel
Glenans Guides : Yacht Handling Under Sail; Peter Davison
Good Boatkeeping; Zora Aiken, David Aiken
The Great Canoes : Reviving a Northwest Coast Tradition; David Neel
The Handbook of Sailing; Bob Bond
Handbook of Trailer Sailing; Robert F. Burgess
Haul Out : New and Selected Poems; Stephen Tuder, Stephen Tudor
Hearst Marine Books Guide to Saltwater Fishing Boats; Joe Skorupa
Hearst Marine Books Trailerboat Guide; Joe Skorupa, et al
Heavy Weather Sailing; K. Adlard Coles, Peter Bruce
High Performance Sailing; Frank Bethwaite
Historic Sailing Ships Coloring Book; Tre Tryckare, Tre Tryckare
Historic Sailing Ships Postcards : 24 Full-Color Paintings; John Batchelor
Historic Ship Models; Wolfram Zu Mondfeld, Wolfram Zu Mondfeld
The Illustrated Book of Basic Boating; Christopher Caswell
The Intracoastal Waterway Chartbook : Norfolk, Virginia, to Miami, Florida; John Kettlewell, Leslie Kettlewell
An Introduction to Sailing; Peter Blake, David Pardon
Invitation to Sailing; Alan Brown
The Complete Book of Laser Sailing; Dick Tillman
Learning to Sail (Jeff Toghill's Sailing School); Jeff Toghill
Learning to Sail : The Annapolis Sailing School Guide for All Ages; Di Goodman, et al
Let's Go Sailing; Peter Isler, et al
Lethal Cargo (Hardy Boys Casefile, No 67); Franklin W. Dixon
The Liveaboard Report : A Boat Dweller's Guide to What Works and What Doesn't; Charlie Wing
The Long Way; Bernard Moitessier, William Rodarmor
Mahina Tiare : Pacific Passages; Barbara Marrett, John Neal
Making Science Work: Floating and Sailing ; Terry Jennings
The Manual of Sail Trim; Stuart H. Walker
Moonlight on the River; Deborah Kovacs, William Shattuck
Muppet Treasure Island : Sailing for Adventure; Alison Inches, Robert Louis Treasure Island Stevenson
The New Book of Sail Trim; Ken Textor
Northeast Guide to Saltwater Fishing and Boating; Vin T. Sparano, et al
One Hand for Yourself One for the Ship : The Essentials of Single Handed Sailing; Tristan Jones
Outerbridge Reach : A Novel; Robert Stone
Paddle Routes of Western Washington : 50 Flatwater Trips for Kayak and Canoe; Verne Huser
The Passover Passage; Susan Atlas
The Period Ship Handbook; Keith Julier
Postcard-Sailing ; Browntrout Publishers
Practical Boating Skills; Katie Hamilton, Gene Hamilton
The Practical Mariner's Book of Knowledge : 420 Sea-Tested Rules of Thumb for Almost Every Boating Situation; John Vigor
The Practical Pilot : Coastal Navigation by Eye, Intuition, and Common Sense; Leonard Eyges
Practical Sailing; Tony Gibbs
Rosina Saves the Day (Adventurers, Inc., No 3) Vol 3; Mallory Tarcher
Sabbatical : A Romance (American Literature Series); John Barth
Saga of a Wayward Sailor; Tristan Jones
Sail Better : 101 Tips and Techniques Vol 1; Roger Marshall
Sailing; Beard, Henry Beard
Sailing (Know the Sport); Phil Twining
Sailing (Sports World Series); Donna Bailey
Sailing Alone Around the World; Joshua Slocum
Sailing Big on a Small Sailboat; Jerry D. Cardwell
Sailing Bright Eternity; Gregory Benford
Sailing Fundamentals; Gary Jobson
Sailing Made Simple; Shirley H.M. Reekie
The Sailing Mystique : The Challenges and Rewards of a Life Under Sail; Bill Robinson
Sailing Savannah 1996; John Rumsey
Sailing Ships Stained Glass Coloring Book (Dover Coloring Book); John Green
Sailing Ships Stained Glass Coloring Book (Dover Little Activity Books); John Green
Sailing Smart : Winning Techniques, Tactics, and Strategies; Buddy Melges, et al
Sailing the Golden Sea; Paul Keller
Sailing the Inland Seas : Further Adventures of Two Sunset Sailors; Paul Keller
Sailing Through the Storm : A Child's Journey Through Divorce; Edie Julik
Sailing Tips : 1000 New Ways to Solve Old Problems; William M. Burr
Sailing to Cythera : And Other Anatole Stories (Anatole Trilogy, Book 1); Nancy Willard
Sailing Vessels in Authentic Early Nineteenth-Century Illustrations ('Sixty Five Plates of Shipping and Craft'); Edward William Cooke
Sailing With the Wind; Thomas Locker
Sailing's a Breeze! : With 153 Visual AIDS; Mark Solomon
Sailor Bear; Martin Waddell, Virginia Austin
The Sailor's Handbook : A Clear and Comprehensive Guide to Sailing for Pleasure and Sport Vol 1; Halsey C. Herreshoff
Sailor's Start-Up : A Beginner's Guide to Sailing (Start-Up Sports, No 3); Doug Werner
Salty Sails North; Gloria Rand, Ted Rand
Secret Water (Swallows and Amazons, No 8) Vol 8; Arthur Ransome
Sensible Cruising : The Thoreau Approach : A Philosophic and Practical Approach to Cruising; Don Casey, et al
Single-Handed Sailing; Frank Mulville
Singlehanded Sailing : The Experiences & Techniques of the Lone Voyagers; Richard Henderson
Skipper's Safe Boating Course; U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary
Something Borrowed : 101 Useful Tips for Every Sailor; Joel W. Graffley
Space Sailing; Jerome L. Wright
Spinnaker Handling; Bent Aarre, et al
The Splicing Handbook : Techniques for Modern and Traditional Ropes; Barbara Merry, John Darwin
Start Sailing Right (329306); D. Fries
Survive the Savage Sea (Sailing Classics); Dougal Robertson
Swallows and Amazons Vol 6; Arthur Ransome
The Symmetry of Sailing : The Physics of Sailing for Yachtsmen; Ross Garrett, Dave Wilkie
Tall Ships of the World : An Illustrated Encyclopedia (Living History Series); C. Keith Wilbur
The Tall Ships of Today in Photographs; Frank O. Braynard
The Tao of Sailing : A Bamboo Way of Life; Ray Grigg
Thirty Classic Boat Designs : The Best of the Good Boats; Roger C. Taylor
Typhoon! (Choose Your Own Adventure, No 162); Ed Packard, et al
Using Gps; Conrad Dixon
We Didn't Mean to Go to Sea (Godine Storyteller) Vol 2; Arthur Ransome
Where the Eagles Fly; Ruth Nulton Moore
Windjammer Watching on the Coast of Maine : A Guide to the Famous Windjammer Fleet and Other Traditional Sailing Vessels; Virginia L. Thorndike
A Winter in the Sun : The Pleasures (And a Few Pitfalls of the Caribbean Cruising Lifestyle); Bill Robinson
Yacht Construction for Beginners : How to Loft and Construct a Carvel Plank Sailing Yacht; Russel A. Boykiw, Catherine Hackett
Yachtsman's Ten Language Dictionary; Barbara Webb, et al

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