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This is the Cape Cod Community Bulletin Board. Feel free to discuss any issues you feel are important to you as a member of the Cape Cod community. You may post job announcements, or start a discussion on a hot issue in town. Our only restriction is that messages with profanity will be deleted.

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Wed Jul 21 11:02:22 1999

J.Dirks of Pittsburgh,PA said... DOG RELATED QUESTION: We are visiting the Falmouth end of Cape Cod in a few weeks, and are bringing our water-loving dog. Can anyone give me any information about beaches which welcome dogs? Where they can be allowed to run and swim?? Any info. would be greatly appreciated, esp. by Bamse the lab! Thanks!

Sun Jul 18 20:58:27 1999

Wally Keniston of Milford, N.H. said... Housesitter / Caretaker availible from 9/99 to 9/2000. Professional, 37, returning to college in Braintree. Excellent personal and professional references. Skilled organizer with experience in landscaping and most domestic tasks. Contact Wally Keniston: P.O. Box 430, Ossipee, N.H. 03864-0430 or via e-mail:

Mon Jul 12 21:49:06 1999

Nicole of Woods Hole said... I am interested in weekend babysitting jobs. I work during the week as a research assistant in chemistry. Previously, I was a substitute teacher in Michigan for K-12. I enjoy working with kids and I have lots of energy. I'm an avid swimmer, and I enjoy going to the beach. References available upon request

Wed Jun 16 18:04:09 1999

Merike of Lenham, England said... I am interested in a painting course for one week on the Cape or Martha's Vineyard/Nantucket end of August, beginning Sept. I am a mature art student in England at the moment starting a degree course in ceramics in Sept. Any advice welcome!

Wed May 26 12:35:12 1999

Sue Hermanson of Norwalk, CT said... I'm heading to Brewster for the week of June 6th and am looking for a responsible indivdual to baby sit for a couple hours each day in the mornings and maybe an evening or two. Will pay well for the right person. Let me know if you have any ideas a.s.a.p

Sun Mar 28 08:08:23 1999

Maggee said... I am a recent college graduate who is looking to housesit for the summer. I live on the Cape right now, but lease is set to end on June 1st. I am very responsible, and I do have references. I have an indoor cat, but will make other arrangements if necessary. Would live in house rent free or low rent in exchange for house sitting and /or pet sitting...Please get in touch if interested. THANKS.

Sun Mar 28 08:06:16 1999

Maggee said... I am currently looking for a roommate for a large duplex apartment located in Dennis. I do have a cat who stays indoors. THe rent is $325/but negotiable depending on whether one or two people would stay here. The bedroom available is LARGE!!!!!It could either be just for the summer or longer. If longer, you have to sign a lease, but landlord is awesome!!! If interested, please get in touch.

Thu Mar 4 06:41:10 1999

CAPE COD PERSONALS.COM of CAPEPERSONALS@USA.NET said... Online Cape Cod Personal Ads, Dating, Love & Romance...

Tue Feb 23 20:21:11 1999

Inga Fredland of annapolis, md said... My name is Inga Fredland. I am currently a graduate student at Boston University's Marine Program in Woods Hole. I am interested in exploring the possibility of doing some research on the island this summer, and am trying to get in touch with someone either at the umass field station or aquarium, or who knows anything a bout any science-related research opportunities. My research involves examining the reproductive ecology of a local pipefish, it's actually a really interesting story with little work done on it thus far. I would be willing to work in addition to doing research in any capacity (science related or not), and I should be flexible and available for the entire season. I also would be staying with family, so there are no housing needs. If anyone knows who I should contact about opportunities, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

Sun Feb 7 14:00:37 1999

Kris Sarosiek of Kansas City said... Hi, my name is Kris Sarosiek and I currently go to school at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC. I am interested in getting a job at your yacht club for either this summer or for a part of the summer. I am interested in any positition that may be available to me and would appreciate any opportunities extended to me. I especially seek a job as a deckhand for a sailboat. The best situation would be if someone was going to sail for the summer or part of the summer and needs a deckhand to do chores and take care of the boat. In exchange for my services I would like to learn how to sail, as it has been my dream for many years. If there is such a job that is opening up for the summer, I would greatly appreciate hearing about it. I know I am asking a lot of you at the club, but if you could pass on my name and email address or phone number to anyone looking for such a deckhand I would appreciate that very much. Please contact me if you have any positions available at the Yacht Club itself also. Thank you for your help, my information is at the bottom. Again, thank you Kris Sarosiek Kris Sarosiek PO Box 9726 Winston-Salem, NC 27109 (336) 758-6434 Email:

Sat Feb 6 16:55:05 1999

aden said... sorry! I am looking for firewood and cordwood dealers THANK YOU KINDLY

Sat Feb 6 16:50:44 1999

aden of Jaffrey NH said... I think... This might be very useful,I need some of your local information. I need some business names, addresses or e-mail would like to know if they would by in bulk cords THANK YOU KINDLY

Sun Dec 20 16:19:32 1998

Don Palmerino of southbridge said... Beware the dishonest real estate industry. send me a your email and I'll send you a draft of the article that I will be publishing on the net.

Tue Dec 8 13:08:48 1998

Carol Sarro of Mansfield, MA said... I'm planning to move to the Cape sometime after the first of the year, and settle in the Yarmouth Port area. I'm currently a writer/editor and have been job hunting via the Cape Cod Times for the past few months, to no avail. I'm looking for any leads, suggestions on additional resources that may help me find employment. Thanks.

Thu Oct 1 17:49:40 1998

Kathy Kopito of Weston, FL 33326 said... My husband and I are orginally from NY, relocated to MD in 1984, and to FL in 1995. We used to vacation in Cape Cod every year. We would like to exchange a week or two vacation time in Cape Cod for an equal time stay at our lovely condo on Marco Island, FL. Condo is 2 bedroom, 2 bath, first floor, modern, clean, 1 1/2 miles to beach. Exchange times are negotiable. Anyone interested?My husband and I are orginally from NY, relocated to MD in 1984, and to FL in 1995. We used to vacation in Cape Cod every year. We would like to exchange a week or two vacation time in Cape Cod for an equal time stay at our lovely condo on Marco Island, FL. Condo is 2 bedroom, 2 bath, first floor, modern, clean, 1 1/2 miles to beach. Exchange times are negotiable. Anyone interested?

Sun Sep 13 22:56:38 1998

Maggie Durham of Buffalo, New York said... Hi, I'm 20 years old, and I currently attend Binghamton University, New York. I'm a bit ahead of the game, but I am looking for employment for next summer. Afew years ago, a friend of mine spent the summer working and living in Nantucket, and she had a wonderful time. Since then, I have been extremely intrigued. I am willing to do any kind of work, however, Iwould love to land a waitressing position somewhere. If anyone could help me out, I would appreciate it. My e-mail address is: Thanks!

Sun Sep 13 22:49:38 1998

Maggie Durham

Sat Sep 12 11:56:43 1998

P. Daly said... I am having a very difficult time finding employment here on Cape Cod. I am a professional with over 20+ years of business experience. I have recently return to school where I obtained the knowledge of Microsoft Computer Apllications. I have sent my resume out to postings that I have seen in the Cape Cod Times but what over avenues do I have?. I need advice on how to proceed. I love living here but I need a job that will pay me what I'm worth. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thu Aug 27 18:54:40 1998

Sara Godard of Chicago, IL said... I am a 21 year old college student at Concordia University in Chicago. I spent last summer in Door County, WI (nicknamed the Cape Cod of the midwest) and I absolutely fell in love with it. I am seeking employment for next summer (yes, I'm a little ahead of the game) doing anything I can find (within reason). I also need housing. If anyone could help me out, I would greatly appreciate it!!! e-mail:

Sun Aug 9 19:05:58 1998

T Engle of Schenectady, NY said... We are looking for any information on Pet protocol off of First Encounter Beach in Eastham. We are going the 13th and are bringing our pet dog and would love to have her enjoy the snadbar when the tide is out. We use a private beach near First Encounter and would like to know if "Becki" can join us? Thanks for your help!

Sun Jul 12 09:54:46 1998

Dave Fallon of Stevenage, England said... Hi can anyone tell me the population of the 15 towns that make up Cape Cod? Any help greatly appreciated.

Wed Jun 17 07:12:10 1998

john of toronto,Canada said... I'm looking for a nice place to stay for 4 days that is reasobale priced and near a beach. This is our first trip to Cape cod. A number (ie:1-800#) would be fine.Thanks

Tue Jun 9 13:40:39 1998

Andrea of Baltimore, MD said... We're looking for an additional party of 1-3 persons to join us July 28th for a charter fishing trip. The adventure starts at 7am and ends noon time--everything is included except your food and drink. We're a party of three only and the boat can take out up to 6. We thought if we could find some other interested people we could lower the cost. The total for the 5-hour charter is $340, so we thought maybe $40 or $50 each to join in. Or...if you have any ideas of how we could locate another party interested in joining us, we'd really appreciate your time and help. Thanks

Sun Jun 7 12:40:16 1998

R.Wood of The Berkshires said... Hoping that someone will be able to provide me with the names of several, or any beaches, in the Yarmouth and Dennis area that are "dog friendly". Will be traveling with our family and would love my chocolate labs to experience the ocean. Can someone provide me with any information?

Fri Jun 5 10:05:03 1998

lisa of chicago said... I am seeking a room for two for 70 a night or under, on or close to the beach in August. Nothing fancy just a tiny room with a bed for 2. Please e-mail any leads to or thanks a lot

Wed Jun 3 12:36:05 1998

Annemarie Ralph of Los Angeles said... I am trying to find a website for Cape Cod Community College. Do they have one yet?

Sat Apr 4 13:45:38 1998

Nancy & Bill of Eastham said... For Sale - 1972 Winnebago Bravo 19'- 4x4 - 318 Dodge engine - Beach Ready - can sleep 6. $5000.00. 240 - 0442 - Let phone ring or look for us online NeeNeeB (I will have Bill get back to you) or Canman2975 or e-mail.

Sun Mar 22 09:04:01 1998

Janice of Greenfield said... I am doing research on gazebos in Massachusetts for the Greenfield Garden Club. Could you tell me if any of your towns have a gazebo and who I could contact to get more information. I am interested in pictures, when the structure was built and who is responsible for maintenance. Thanks very much, Janice McGuane President, Greenfield Garden Club

Tue Mar 10 17:28:25 1998

Rachel of Sturbridge MA said... Its about that time to start looking for a summer job, so here it goes! I'm a 19 yr old student looking for a job in outdoor gardening, hostessing, waitressing, and anything else in between. Lots of experience with waitressing, child care, office work, and tutoring. References available. Strong interest in education and International Relations. Also looking for lodging. E-mail

Mon Feb 16 18:19:57 1998

Bob of Brockton said... I would appreciate any info re:beaches that allow over the sand vehicles,cost of permits and where to get them.Thank You!

Thu Jan 1 12:17:39 1998

julie croston said... A Public Hearing regarding ComElectric's restructuring plan is being convened by the Department of Telecommunications and Energy (formerly the Department of Public Utilities) on January 5 (Monday), at 7:00 p.m., at the Marstons Mills East Elementary School, 760 Osterville-West Barnstable Road, Marstons Mills, Mass.

Fri Oct 31 10:54:37 1997

Julie Croston said... A plan for electricity deregulation is going to be voted on by the Mass. House as early as Nov. 5th. The nonprofit, Falmouth-based Self-Reliance Corp. has information resources for consumers and citizens about deregulation. It's an important bread-and-butter issue for every household and business! For a start, check out the new Self-Reliance website at The website also has home heating oil prices through our oil co-op, updated weekly.

Mon Oct 27 19:08:11 1997

Karen of Belmont said... We're looking for a place on the Cape (preferably on the water) to rent for a wedding reception in May 1998. Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks!

Tue Oct 21 22:23:14 1997

Yvonne Tinney of Alexandria, VA said... Hi. Hubby and I and 2 dogs (Springer Spaniels) are planning a trip to Cape Cod in June of 1998. Any suggestions on where to stay that we are allowed two well behaved dogs (fully trained)???? We are looking for something quiet, on or near the beach, preferrably. We prefer a cottage. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks

Thu Oct 9 01:34:38 1997

Vickey of Bourne said... I am looking for any graduates of Bourne High School in the year 1957.... for my mother Nancy Wheeler... If you know of anyone.. or if you graduated at that time.. please e-mail me... Thanks...*S*

Wed Sep 17 00:34:54 1997

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Sat Aug 30 09:20:54 1997

Norm Schmidt of Falmouth said... LandSave, an alternative to The Land Bank Tax Now that the Cape Cod Land Bank Tax is back in the news, maybe it's time to do a little rethinking. Primarily, who pays, who benefits, and what's the cost? Who pays? ... As proposed, everyone, or their heirs, who owns or buys a home or business on Cape Cod. Who benefits? ... Everyone who lives on Cape Cod. The cost? ... 1% of the price of the home over $100,000. It is said that the average selling price of a home on Cape Cod is $140,000, making this a tax of $400. And it was pointed out by a proponent of the tax, that anyone buying a home, $400 amounts to only a small amount. Enter the concept of LandSave. If 1% is such a small amount, let it be part of the taxes that are now already being paid. LandSave proposes that a Bill originate in The House that would authorize the State Government to use 1% of the State Income Tax to support all the benefits as stated in the Cape Cod Land Bank. This would be accomplished by including a "check-off box" printed on the State Income Tax Return. By checking this box, all Cape Cod taxpayers could voluntarily contribute, without raising any additional taxes. This small 1% would apply only to the State Income Tax, not on gasoline taxes, sales and use taxes, business taxes, reimbursement from the Federal Government, etc.; just on the income tax paid by the working people of Cape Cod. The State of Massachusetts can easily do without this small amount and it would give The State a chance "to give something back". Essentially this would cut Government (be it ever so minimally), yet at the same time give every Cape Cod taxpayer an opportunity to help save The Cape, its environment, clean water, from overdevelopment and add open space. LandSave would be voluntary and neither the buyer nor the seller (we, our children or future residents) will be burdened with another tax. It is equitable, voluntary, fair and workable. I urge you to call, write or e-mail your State Representative and say, "Sponsor a Bill such as LandSave. Take the 1% out of our State Income Tax, that we are now already paying, and use it for LandSave. No new or added taxes!" Norman E. Schmidt E. Falmouth, MA

Sat Aug 30 02:48:40 1997

said... Is there any place to go clam digging on cape code...if so, where.....and is a permit needed....any help is appreciated

Thu Aug 14 19:21:37 1997

Lisa of Seattle (now) said... I am looking for the organization I need to contact about getting vehicle access to Sandy Neck beach. Anybody have any ideas?!

Wed Aug 13 07:12:10 1997

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Tue Aug 12 15:17:47 1997

mike fujita of Saratoga Springs, NY said... Hi, A group of friends and I are going to be staying in North Truro next week. How do I get a bonfire permit for the beach? Thanks.

Sat Aug 9 22:36:43 1997

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Sat Aug 9 22:32:50 1997

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Sat Aug 9 21:34:19 1997

of Cleveland said... My parents are planning a trip to Cape Cod and Mass area in the Fall. Dad loves to take pictures of lighthouses and he asked me to find directions, etc. on the net. I found a good page of Cape Ann area lighthouses, but none for the Cape. Know of a good website that lists them? Thanks

Fri Jul 4 07:19:32 1997

Bill Ryan of Hyannis said... I am a victum of odometer mileage misrepresentation by a Cape car dealer. If you have a similar situation let me know. There is power in numbers. Thanks

Thu Jun 19 10:43:22 1997

Bruce Dunham of Brocton said... Looking for office space for Non-profit Recreation Organization - Southeastern Massachusetts Chapter/Appalachian Mountain Club. Ideal location would be close to Cape Cod Canal

Wed Jun 18 18:14:58 1997

Beth De Lisi-Baird of New York City said... Hi. My husband and I are great Cape Cod lovers and are planning to move from NYC to the Cape in October. Any insights on life and work on the Cape would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Mon Jun 9 11:33:43 1997

Jen of Brewster said... HOW MUCH DO YOU SPEND ON A NIGHT OUT ON THE TOWN? THINK ABOUT SACRAFICING ONE NIGHT ON THE TOWN IN ORDER TO CONTRIBUTE TO AIDS RESEARCH. I'm planning on riding my bike in both the TWIN CITIES-CHICAGO AIDS RIDE 2 and The BOSTON-NY AIDS RIDE 3. But I need help. The Twin Cities ride is in one month and I'm still $900 short of the pledge minimum. If I'm unable to raise the money, it means I don't go. It also means that there's $900 less for research and individuals with HIV/AIDS. Riding in this event means so much to me, I'd really appreciate your help. Email me today and I'll tell you how you can make your tax deductible contribution.

Wed May 28 11:48:34 1997

Leo Brandao of Osterville said... Just another quick hi. Hope everyone on the Cape is doing great. Things should be hopping around there about now. Anyone planning on getting married or need a tux for some other reason stop by Dennis-Johns in Hyannis and tell my brother I said hi. Maybe he'll give you a discount. Also if anyone runs into Chris Brandao at the Christmas Tree Shop

Mon May 19 20:41:05 1997

Maggie of Kittery, Maine said... Watch C3TV this Teusday, May 20th at 5:30 pm and Thursday, May 22nd at 5 pm for information about The Gentle Wind Project and an upcoming seminar in Barnstable on May 22nd, 7pm to 9pm, at the Barnstable Unitarian Church on Route 6A. Call 1-800-474-8091 for more information.

Thu Apr 24 12:29:42 1997

Leo Brandao of Osterville said... Hi Cape Cod. Currently living in Maryland but planning on expanding my business endeavors on the Cape. Grew up there and left to join the Air Force in 1970. Will be looking for some entreprenurial-minded individuals to help me with my expansion sometime around the June-July timeframe. Anyone interested drop me a line and I'll get in touch with you and let you know what it's all about. Respond only if seriously interested in developing a good source of residual income.

Tue Apr 22 20:46:33 1997

Sun Apr 20 22:09:29 1997

Terry of Eau Claire, WI said... We are planning a trip to Cape Cod this July and are looking for a campground to stay at. We are looking for a family campground that's in a good location to see the sites. This will be our first time in your state. Any information that you could give us would be appreciated.

Wed Apr 16 17:16:21 1997

Kathy of Plymouth said... Professionals sitter needed Thurs & Fridays, 3:30-5:30, MUST BE NON-SMOKER, mature persons only in Sandwich and Bourne. See ad in PennySaver. email or call Professional Sitters II at: 508-224-5884 Other positions available

Sat Apr 12 16:52:53 1997

sara panebianco of new hartford said... Two 20 year old college sophmores are looking for summer employment and housing on the cape. If anyone knows of a house with extra space please let us know. Thanks, Meredith and Sara "Seashore washed by the suds and foam. Been here so long we've got to callin'it home"

Sun Apr 6 19:48:37 1997

A.C. Kirsch of Wellfleet said... CAPE COD ALLIANCE FOR REAL DEMOCRACY P.O. Box 314 Harwich Port, MA 02646 Discussion on MMR Pollution Meet the Alliance for Base Cleanup Founders For Immediate Release Thursday, April 03, 1997 Contact: Mort Steinau 508-240-0250 Brewster, MA--The founders of the Alliance for Base Cleanup (ABC), Joel Feigenbaum, Richard Hugus, and Jamie Kinney, will be guest speakers and discussion leaders at the next meeting of the Cape Cod Alliance for Real Democracy (CCARD). The meeting will take place on April 20 at Dawes Hall on Route 6A in Brewster, MA from 2:00 to 4:30 p.m. People are welcome at 1:45 p.m. to talk informally with the guests. Feigenbaum, Hugus, and Kinney have long been concerned about water, ground, and air pollution in the upper Cape towns near the Massachusetts Military Base (MMR). For over 12 years, they extensively researched and documented health hazards and illnesses stemming from pollutants in the region, and they have made the results of their research public. Their public presentations of research results have been a strong factor in the publicity for and increased awareness of the need to clean up the MMR. The April 20th meeting provides an opportunity to hear their documentation and discuss Cape-wide activities by citizens to help prevent risks to our health from environmental hazards and improve the quality of life on the Cape. CCARD is dedicated to reclaiming citizen control over our democracy, our environment, and information, and decreasing the control that large corporations have gained through resources, lobbying, and global mobility. Our goal is a sustainable, equitable economy. CCARD meets the third Sunday afternoon of each month. The public is invited and welcome. Dawes Hall is part of the First Parish Church of Brewster. It is directly across Rt. 6A from the church. For more information about the April meeting or CCARD, call 430-1119 or 240-0250. ###

Fri Apr 4 14:52:09 1997

Julie Croston of Yarmouthport said... On Sat., April 5th, Cape Cod's Homegrown Economics Fair will be held at the Dennis Senior Center, Rte 134, Dennis, MA., from 10-4 p.m. Information about the Community Electricity Franchise will be presented at 11:00 a.m. If you can't come to this event, call the nonprofit organization Cape & Islands Self-Reliance Corp.toll free at 1-888-808-0120 to find out more about the Community Electricity Franchise and what electricity deregulation will mean for the average consumer.On Cape Cod, our electricity bills are so high, that we can't afford to let electricity deregulation be "done unto us" without careful consideration and input from the public.

Mon Mar 31 16:24:19 1997

Traci of Minneapolis said... Seems to be a lot of "tourist bashing" for a web-site that touts tourism??? Kind of put off (potential "tourist")

Tue Mar 25 10:51:31 1997

Maureen Hadley of Hyannis said... Special Olympics is looking for Athletes, Unified Partners, Assistant Coaches and Volunteers. E-mail me if you are intersted or call our local office @ 508-771-6322

Thu Mar 20 00:09:27 1997

UFO UFO UFO of Hyannis said... I have decided to inform people,and show them how to record, videotape UFO anomalies.The only thing you will need is a video camcorder, and a clear sunny day for best results. This "Technique" is being performed around the world, by countless individuals.The media is finding it harder and harder to keep a lid on this information. This 'Technique" is very simple,but I do not have enough space provided,to describe to you on what to do,and how to do it. (FINALLY THERE IS UNDENIABLE PROOF) Just E-mail me and I will instruct you on what to do. You will not be dissatisfied. My address is as follows;

Sat Mar 8 11:24:53 1997

Kathy said... Professional Sitters available for employment service in your home. Also looking for sitters for June placement. Visit my web site!

Fri Mar 7 19:55:58 1997

C Dudley of Enosburg Falls, VT said... Hello, I am looking for anyone that might have known Mark Anderson when he lived in West Barnstable. If you knew him please let me know. Thank you very much.

Tue Mar 4 14:03:05 1997

Charles Greene of Jamaica, NY said... Hey, are there any Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses in your area? I would really appreciate hearing from them! Thanks!

Mon Feb 24 20:50:30 1997

Corey Keesling of Buffalo, Okla. said... Hi. I am a 21 year old male in the California area until the end of march. At that time I will be relocating to the Cape. I am in search of interesting people to meet and become friends with. I know very few people in that area. If you are interested in meeting please contact me at 707-763-4339 until the end of march.

Tue Feb 11 21:44:42 1997

Denise of Sagamore Beach said... Hi, I am looking for other girl scout leaders to share ideas with and mabey work on projects together with my Brownie troop (mostly second graders).

Fri Feb 7 20:34:41 1997

Jen of Brewster said... Hello hello. Last year I did this REALLY AMAZING thing. I rode my bike (with 3000 others!) om Boston-NY to raise money for AIDS services and research. So this year, I'm going to do it again. I'm also going to ride from St. Paul/Minneapolis-Chicago for the same reason. So join me in a wonderful LIFE CHANGING event by riding, crewing, volunteering, or donating and helping me meet my pledge goal of raising $4000 by June. You won't be sorry.

Fri Feb 7 16:20:44 1997

James Campbell of Las Vegas, NM said... CHEF DU JOUR- Talented chef from New Mexico will be available for private chef services or restaurant work. Specialties include: Regional Italian and traditional foods from New Mexico and Northern Mexico. E-mail:

Thu Jun 27 17:19:53 1996

Betty Diaz of Bourne, Ma said... My husband, baby and I just moved here from Las Vegas a few months ago. I have been looking for information about local or even not so local, beauty pageants for my baby. I have checked all the newspapers since we have arrived and came up with nothing. Can someone out there help me? Even in the Boston area will be fine. Thank you, Loving Capecod

Mon Jun 17 20:01:04 1996

Jon Soderberg of Mashpee said... I have recently started mountain biking and would like to receive E-mail from anyone who rides on the Cape.

Sat Jun 15 10:37:24 1996

Skid Schermerhorn of Sandwich said... FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT:Skid Schermerhorn, 10 Village Drive, East Sandwich, Massachusetts (508) 888-1987 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE NEWS SUMMARY: Cape Cod Hams Gear Up to Set Long Distance Contact Records and Practice Emergency Communication Skills (Sandwich, June 17, 1996) --Many Cape Cod Amateur Radio operators will work 'round the clock this weekend to set up field radio communication stations, get on the air, and contact thousands of other operators in the U.S. and Canada as a part of the participation in the American Radio Relay League's Field Day. According to Maureen Hall, N1SAB, President of the Cape Cod and Islands Amateur Radio Association, Field Day is the annual "shakedown run" for the ARRL's national Field Organization. "Field Day is a way for hams to get outdoors and have fun under some difficult conditions," Maureen says. "But it's also a chance to fine-tune emergency communication skills. We use generators and battery power, and we set up antennas in the field. The idea is to put together a self-sufficient, working station quickly and being making contacts." The ARRL Field Organization has been effective in establishing emergency communications nets during floods, hurricanes, fires, earthquakes and other major disasters. Members of formal emergency organizations such as the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) and the Radio Amateur Communication Emergency Services (RACES) regularly participate. The League estimates that more than 35,000 hams participate in Field Day every year. The Cape Cod and Islands Amateur Radio Association and Barnstable Amateur Radio Club Field Day operations will be at the Coast Guard Boat House at the East end of the Cape Cod Canal. Setup begins at noon on Saturday, June 22. The public is invited. For more information, contact Skid Schermerhorn, W1TTY at 888-1987. ***************************************************************************

Thu Jun 13 11:11:05 1996

Gina Britt of cape cod said... Are you a Lesbian or Gay who wants to meet new people? I would like to start a group for people wanting to come out of the closet. It's hard and challanging, but with new friends it dosn't have to be. Write me for more info. All information kept private..

Fri May 17 07:45:49 1996

corey of said... Windsurfing Event

Join Pixy 103 as the H-2-Optics Windsurfing Tour lands on Kalmus Beach in Hyannis this weekend, 17th-19th! This free event features demonstrations and exhibits, free lessons on a computerized windsurfing simulator, and appearances by top sports celebrities hot of the Pro Circuit. Stop by and enter to win prize that include lessons AND a Bic Windsurfing Board!

Mon May 6 19:11:24 1996

Ron Beaty, Jr. of Hyannisport said... I think that I am just going to park my butt here at this website for a few decades... I love Cape Cod, and everything about it. Well, almost everything. "Tourists" ya know...

Wed Apr 10 18:36:37 1996

A Greene of Hyannis said... The Cape Cod Pride Committee will hold it's Annual Gay Pride Celebration on July 20, 1996. This uear's celebration will include a Rally and March on the Village Green in Hyannis starting at 11am. Information will be updated as it becomes available.

Sat Apr 6 12:15:41 1996

Jean Ann McLaughlin of Harwich said... The focus for the word disABILITY should be on the ABILITY part.The general population needs to be enlightened concerning this issue, and members of the disability population need to empower themselves lest we become stuck in the Dark Ages mired in the most insidious and largest disability-ATTITUDE!

Fri Apr 5 14:03:20 1996

Skid of Sandwich said... 'liz, Cape Cod link just takes us in a circle. How about additionsl "towns" like All Cape, Upper Cape, Mid-Cape, and Lower Cape for regional stuff?

Mon Mar 25 16:37:29 1996

'liz. of w. barnstable said... The crocuses are in bloom, the robins have returned, and the redwing blackbirds are showing their blazes. Soon the tourists will back! Enjoy!